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Château du Haut koenigsbourg

Visite.org 67600 Orschwiller (Bas-Rhin)
Dominating the plain at 757 metres above sea level, the château of Haut-Kœnigsbourg is a fortress built in the12th Century, rebuilt and modernised in the late 15th Century. Abandoned in 1633, this highly prestigious castle that had belonged to Hohenstaufen family then to the Hapsburgs at the time of the Germanic Holy Roman Empire, became the property of the Emperor Wilhelm II of Hohenzollern in 1899. This Emperor dreamed of re-establishing the Western Empire and he indulged his passion for the Middle Ages by ordering the restoration of the castle. The work was entrusted to the architect Bodo Ebhardt, and he restored the château of Haut-Koenigsbourg using scientific principles: the study of archives, archaeological digs, architectural analysis and lastly a comparative study of other monuments of the late Middle Ages. In the early 20th Century, the political dimension of this vast enterprise was to legitimise the young imperial Hohenzollern dynasty via a number of coats of arms. Today we are more inclined to admire the educational aspect of the restoration, which, although not entirely faithful, is generally credible. A pivotal element in the theory of the restoration, this castle built on a sandstone spur that was previously relatively easy to defend and providing an excellent lookout station, now enables visitors to enjoy a fabulous panoramic view of the plains of Alsace, the Black Forest and sometimes even the Alps.
Guided tours, educational visits and a range of events organised for schoolchildren and families are now available at the château of Haut-Koenigsbourg, enabling the public to learn about the castle’s architecture and the restoration work undertaken in the early 20th Century. The events that take place here, including contemporary art festivals, aim to help visitors better understand and appreciate the architecture of monuments from the past.

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