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Le village d'Ottrott

Visite.org 67530 Ottrott (Bas-Rhin)
A village in flower, surrounded by forests and vineyards is among the most important places for Alsacian gastronomy. You will be easily conquered by the spell of its old houses and lanes, by the shadow of the once mighty castles and by its exceptional situation at the foot of the Mont Sainte Odile.

Just a few steps from here is Obernai, a charming medieval town or further Boersch and Rosheim.
The beauty of nature and the large and quiet forests are here for your relaxation and distraction.

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  • A La Cour d'Alsace 3 Rue De Gail 67210 Obernai начиная с 110.00 &евро;

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  • Le Colombier 6-8 rue Dietrich 67210 Obernai начиная с 64.00 &евро;

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  • Hôtel-Restaurant Les Hortensias 19 Rue du Docteur Sultzer 67140 Andlau начиная с 75.00 &евро;

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  • Domaine Pierre Adam 8 rue du Lieutenant Louis Mourier 68770 Ammerschwihr

  • Chalets de la Wormsa 72 rue Altenhof 68380 Metzeral

  • Chalet Gîte la Parenthèse 50 Vogelbach 68550 SAINT AMARIN 68550 Saint-Amarin

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